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Isaiah 40 : 31

Missionair flys the highest timed Wright powered DC-3 in the world! This
aircraft flys almost daily in service to the Lord Jesus Christ.

MISSIONAIR Inc., dba Missionair, is a non profit, tax exempt, 501-C(3) missionary service organization of volunteers, air crews, maintenance personnel, medical personnel, education specialists and others interested the relief of physical and spiritual needs.
Missionair members are dedicated Christians of all denominational backgrounds.

 "Dr. Rob Helmer" - - Organization: Missionair

MISSIONAIR DC-3 on the ramp at Goloson
International La Ceiba , Honduras Central America, Oct. 1996.

MISSIONAIR acts as a "First Strike Force", flying medical supplies, food, and clothing into disaster areas in addition to providing ongoing support for the missionaries, doctors, nurses
and other support team members as well as medical evacuation services.
The "Short Term" mission is gaining prominence as one of the best discipleship tools available to churches. Pastors are seeing that short term mission trips produce changed lives like few other ministry tools are able to do. Not only is it extremely beneficial for the poor and needy but also for the mission personnel. The greatest problem for churches,
pastors, and others desiring to do short term missions is securing air transportation into remote areas and expert assistance in formulation of a worthwhile operation.

MISSIONAIR is a short term service agency, the only one of its kind positioned in northern Florida to serve the churches and relief agencies in the surrounding areas.

MISSIONAIR offers expert assistance and inexpensive air transportation to churches and other member organizations desiring to plan and implement short term missions. The required air transportation in many areas may not be available from commercial air carriers. These logistics problems severely limit church work and assistance in extremely
needy areas and has precluded short term mission trips by most churches and other charitable agencies in the northern Florida and surrounding areas.

Since 1985 MISSIONAIR has, and continues today, to operate a voluntary fleet of aircraft throughout the Caribbean and Central America area providing spiritual and physical relief to those in need.

There is a great need for missionary volunteers to assist with supplies management, missionary trips and prayer support. Whether God has put it on your heart to pursue missionary aviation or if you have always just wanted to serve God through helping hurting humanity. MISSIONAIR needs your time and talents.

If God has called you to train, fly or be involved with MISSIONAIR, please call us for more information.

Officers, Administrators, and Board members

Dr. Robert M. Helmer

Rev. Daniel B. White
Vice President

Sandra L. Helmer

Advisory Board;

Mr. Raymond C. Battle Mr. Joe Clary
Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, FL

Captain Ernie V. Leigh Westley Wiles
Fernandina Beach, FL Jacksonville, FL

Rev. Jeff Martin Rev. Andy Wood
Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Thomas Toman
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Tel: (407)-397-1109
Fax (407)-397-1913

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MISSI0NAIR is a non-profit, tax exempt
501-C(3) relief organization

Missionair, Inc.
150 S. Roma Way
Kissimmee, Florida 34746
FAX 407-397-1913

Ministry Needs
Monthly Monetary support for the Ministry.

Sincerely pray about your personal involvement in MISSIONAIR during the upcoming year.

Please pray for laborers both to help work on the airplanes and to fill slots on upcoming mission trips.

MISSI0NAIR is a non-profit, tax exempt
501-C(3) relief organization


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